#NtandoDuma|Top actor gets the big job in the country, see details

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Ntando Duma has been going through a lot in the past day after she was getting negative comments about her acting skills on social media, and many tweeps thought that the actress still needs to learn a lot in the industry and take her career to the next level so that she can impress them.

But the comments didn't put her down as she has joined the cast of the new drama that will be hitting our television screens soon and she will be acting along with the best actors, in the country which might help her to spend a lot of time with experienced people and learn more about acting.

This drama will be aired on Multichoice and people will see a lot of her every day as she plays her role in this cultural drama, that teaches people about the life of the Zulu king Shaka Zulu who was the powerful king back in years.

Ishaka Illembe will be something that the youth of this country is waiting for and it will be opening doors for many actors, who are growing in this country and this is their opportunity to shine on the television screens.

Duma has been doing acting for a while and she won't struggle to do this job because he has played in the dramas like Rythm City, and the Queen which have a lot of viewers in the country, and she must not listen to negative comments about her because it can make her lose focus on this job that she does.

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