Man Arrested by The Police For Allegedly Staying With Dead Body in His House For 7 Days


Is the world coming to an end?.The way evil activities are manifesting amid our environment is so alarming.Many people have turned to be wild for no good reason.

Evil ethics in the society have become the new norm as we are witnessing young youths adopt them.It is so heartbreaking when we as the new generation see our future generation fall into undiscoverable trap.We have seen many youths end their lives due to how the society is treating them.Many believe that by commiting suicide or murder is a self relief.

Today,a 46 year old man from Madala village,Shinyalu Kakamega county is now held in custody by the police.The man was arrested this evening by the police for murder allegations.According to the report made to the police,the middle aged man had allegedly murdered his wife,kept the dead body with him in his house for whole one week.

This incident has shocked many residents as they flocked in the scene to witness by themselves this horrible act.

The man will be arraigned tomorrow Monday in court to answer the charges to the allegations.