'Diamond Ameona Hii kweli,' Naseeb Junior's Latest Hairstyle That Has Got People Talking Online


Diamond's son Naseeb Junior has caught the attention of Kenyans on different social media platforms for the another time. This is after he stepped out in this latest hairstyle that Kenyans can't keep talking about it online.

According to the photo that was shared by his mother Tanasha Donna through Instagram. Tanasha was trying to show Kenyans how Naseeb looks on his latest hairstyle where by, she wrote saying that! "This hair thou!"

Now this latest hairstyle of Naseeb has gone viral on different social media platforms, and it's sparking a lot of reactions from Kenyans currently.

Here are some reactions: @benat: is Diamond aware of what it's on his son's head? @kioko: this hairstyle of Naseeb is somehow booring ad! @denjsi: this is what we call child abuse as far as hairstyles is concern. @jesy: some hairstyles are not even fitting children but people insists. That's according to Kenyans.

Anyway what do you think also concerning this latest hairstyle of Naseeb Junior that has raised eyebrows online!? Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends. Thanks for your time.

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