Say Goodbye To Dandruff By Using These Home Remedies


Dandruff is common among most women, it's actually embarrassing most times and has been a source of concern for most women, that is why Lilychi has compiled effective home remedies that will make you say a final goodbye to Dandruff.

Dandruff is a condition in which flaking of scalp (skin of head) occurs which falls like snow flakes commonly seen on shoulders and face.

Dandruff is an infectious condition caused by bacteria and fungus. It leads to the excessive scales formation of the skin accompanied by itching.

As it is an infectious condition hence it can spread through direct and indirect contact like Combs, and sharing of towels.

Dandruff can be caused by:

*Lack of nutrition intake.

* Fungal infection especially malasezia.

* Furfur

* Lack of minerals like zinc and Calcium in diet.

*Infections caused by yeast.

* Soaps and shampoos.

Below are the natural home remedies:

1. Comb your hair daily as this promotes blood circulation.

2. Massage your scalp with herbal oil.

3. Use hot olive or Sesame oil on the scalp before bedtime.

4. In the morning, rub little Lime Juice on your scalp one hour prior to bathing. Wash and rinse your hair well.

5. Use Coconut oil properly on your scalp as it helps to nourish your hair.

6.Use apple cider vinegar.

7.Eat fruit diet for about five days and take a three meals a day of ripe and fresh fruits.