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Lia Benninghoff, 20, and Aro Draven, 38, met this year's Valentine's Day on an internet dating site and decided to get married three weeks later. If you listen to this much, it sounds like a normal encounter of a normal couple. However, there was one unusual point. Draven was a vampire.

The media doesn't seem to think Draven is a real vampire, as reported by Barcroft TV. However, there is no doubt that Draven is a strange person who likes to cut his fingers with a knife and suck blood from an early age.

Benninghoff describes when Draven learned of a vampire:

"The first time I knew he was a vampire, it was very interesting because I didn't really know he had a vampire."

The two wanted to have a closer relationship in deciding to marry. It was that Benninghoff would also be a vampire.

"He made me a vampire at 3am. It's'witch's time'at 3am. Aro cut himself with a razor blade and gave me blood. Then I cut myself and he Drank it. At that time, I felt the power all over my body. It was a magical experience.

Since then, Benninghoff and Draven have been sucking each other's blood once a week.

Barcroft TV reports that the two are planning their wedding on "Halloween," the most suitable day of the year for vampires to be tied.

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