Dj Zinhle tells people to leave her kids and family alone

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Dj Zinhle told people to leave her family and kids alone when they drag her or talk bad about her.

The DJ recently had a shot fired at her where they said she was a bad influence because both of her children have different fathers. DJ Zinhle could have been referring to that. However fans told her that alot of celebrities post their lives in social media so when things go bad people are going to have an opinion.

They also told her that she should not post her children and family if she feels that way, but her fans agreed with her and said that celebrities in Mzanzi have it tough as they are constantly being dragged and they said that kids and family should be out of bounds.

People also thought that she is referring to the fight that Nota had with Cassper where he picked on Cassper's son, and family. They said that they hope Nota see Zinhle's tweet.

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