Yummy pizza buns recipe


Here is some breakfast ideas if you not sure what to prepare for your loved ones you may also add the toppings of your choice then enjoy with the ones you care for.


1 kg of wheat flour

100ml of oil

1 glass of water


1tablespoon of salt

2tablespoons of sugar

2 packets of yeast of 15g each

This is how you are going to prepare

Beat all the ingredients into the blender and add flour mix well then blow.

Knead the dough then put it aside for it to rise, after it has risen cut it into four equal parts .

Roll out each of the pieces and cut into 9

Put a slice of ham and mozzarella cheese then you roll again .brush with egg yolk or even unsweetened coffee then sprinkle oregano over. Let it bake at 200°C

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This are the type of recipes that keep families together as one. As they are so yummy

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