"This is not Hausa culture," Aisha reacts to video of men flogging women in hijab (video)


Activist Aisha Yesufu recently reacted to a video of Some men, Flogging some ladies without mercy. And from the way she reacted, you can tell that she was very angry at that act. In the video that she reacted to, Some Group of boys who were more than 3 in number, held various kinds of whip. And they were Flogging some flogging some ladies. From the way the ladies were beaten, it seems as if they had done something very bad. And the guys decided to take laws into their hands, and punish the girls.

When I watched the video, it was hard to tell what their Offence was. But, no matter what the ladies might have done, they didn't deserve to be treated the way they were treated. Aisha Yesufu in her reaction via her Twitter account, reacted to the incident this morning. In her reaction, she blasted the people that were Flogging those ladies. And she said that, that's not in the Hausa Culture.

She told everyone that, she grew up in the north, and there, women were not beaten. It was even an abominable thing to beat a woman, during her days in the north. And if a man beats a woman, it would result to Divorce instantly. She concluded and said that, they should find out more information about the act, and it's definitely not the Hausa Culture.

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