Say these powerful warfare prayers against accidents, kidnapping and death

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Say these aggressive warfare prayers against accidents, kidnapping and death

In a world where all sorts of things has been happening, how do we even know that we're safe? 

We only have confidence in Christ Jesus do please pray these prayers with the whole of your heart. Be intentional about your prayers;

1. Thank God because He's been good to you. 

2. Ask Him for His mercy. Tell Him to was you clean with the precious blood of Jesus that was shed on Calvary. 

3. Oh Lord my God, every evil person plotting my death in any way, destroy them in Jesus name. 

4. Anywhere I'll be going, I declare the road accident free in Jesus name. 

5. I bear your mark Jesus, therefore I ask that no form of kidnappers come anywhere near me in Jesus name. 

6. Every covenant of death that my generation had made with the devil, I destroy them right this instant in Jesus name. 

7. No evil shall befall me and my family in Jesus name. 

8. Accidents, kidnapping, sickness, death is not my potion in Jesus name. 

9. The doors of life, wealth, success and joy begins to open up unto me in Jesus name. 

10. Anywhere I go, I'm known for representing You in Jesus name. 

11. No more evil happenings in my life from now in Jesus name. 

12. Thank you Jesus. 

Glory to God. 

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