If You See Any Of These Dangerous Signs Act Fast, You May Have Hypertension.


Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is indeed a silent killer that has taken many people to their early graves without them notifying. Having high blood pressure doesn't necessarily means an increase in your blood quantity but the pressure by which the heart pumps blood to all your body parts.

This health problem affects both the old and young since it is mainly hinged on the choice of food we normally consume. Hypertension has numerous causes but one major cause is the intake of high cholesterol diets. These high cholesterol diets when taken blocks the veins and arteries making it difficult for blood flow. This in turn results in the heart using extra force to pump more blood to the body parts which results in hypertension.

The earlier you identity the symptoms and signs of this deadly disease the better, so as to take immediate action to safe your precious life. Below are the major symptoms of severe hypertension you should know;

Chronic headache. having headaches once a while is normal, but to experience a severe and chronic headache it may be a strong sign of hypertension. This is what health professionals often termed as migraine.

Shortness of Breath. One major symptom of severe hypertension is difficulty in breathing. This arise asca result of the inability of the required blood to be flown to all body parts, thus the victims will be forced to force in some more oxygen to supplement the deficient in oxygen level of oxygen.

Visual Changes. A person with hypertension is likely to experience blurred vision usually during the day. This blurred vision is usually associated with dizziness.

Chest Pain. This is a definite symptom since the heart is located at the heart region. This chest pain is very common in hypertension patients due to the pressure with which the heart use to pump blood to the body parts.

Blood in Urine. This symptoms arises where hypertension gets too severe to the extent that curing or controlling it becomes highly impossible. Another rare symptoms aside the blood in urine is nose bleeding.

Quickly visit your physician any moment you start experiencing one or more of these severe symptoms. But one sure way of detecting this deadly problem is by going for regular blood pressure check.

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