Check funny drawings of these Ghanaian celebrities to make your day.


Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.A lot of researchers have proven that,people who laugh more often hardly get any condition relating to their heart.The laughter clears all the sorrow build up in their heart and prevent them from getting heart related sickness.This has become very important for every individual to laugh at least once a day. This is why people should find reasons to smile a day.

Some celebrities have been trending with some funny drawings that are worth sharing.Though Ghanaian singer ras lulu have been in the music industry for a long time now but a lot of people never knew him until he won the VGMA.The singer have been trending since then.The award was almost every which made him trend.Kwadwo Sheldon; One of Ghana's content creator who's known for his funny head.The guy have been trolled a lot.

Shatta wale; Ghana's dancehall artist /comedian.This drawing brings some feminine physique in him which makes it even more funnyThe beautiful and most adorable Rihanna. The chairman and el chairmano of AMG business.A CEO and a musician.He's believed to worth a lot among the musicians with an unknown net worth.

The father himself; Though he's got it all figured out but he's still as simple as simple can be.The artist did justice to this painting.

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