Sad: after she booked a guest house, See what her boyfriend did to her.

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See what her husband did to her when she rented a room at a guest home, which left her in tears.

After booking a guest house but failing to show up, a lady breaks down in tears.

Pertunia Kwensi, a lady from Zimbabwe, came to Twitter to express her heartbreak to her followers, and she received a lot of support. She claims she hired a guesthouse for her and her boyfriend in order for them to spend quality time together, only for her to be left alone at the end of the night. She claims that her boyfriend's phone had been turned off the entire night, and that he texted her the next morning to inform her that he had been detained for underage drinking.

As a result, I rented a guesthouse last night, and the nigga failed to appear, and instead texted me this morning after God fearing guys. "I'm in a state of despair." She burst into tears. When I look at all of your male acquaintances, there's not even one prospective you could've contacted?! Men are trash, and I'm sorry I'm hurting your feelings. Please block her and do not communicate with him in the future." remarked @ MrsKanye in a tweet.

"This occurred to me once; I sent a deposit for the entire weekend; at the very least, you received an explanation for why mine went AWOL." According to @SeipatiBopape.


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