Meet the twice as bold twins: see pictures

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They're the stars of reality television. ' They're also known for their dedication to the gym, where they spend much of their time working out to improve their physique. There is no need for plastic surgery to achieve an African-looking figure, as these twins demonstrate.

They don't spend much time doing anything else but working out and raising their two girls. Each of them has a daughter, and they all have the same paternal ancestry. Even though they both want the same man, neither of them is hiding that fact from one other. You must be wealthy in order to succeed. When they talk about marriage, they talk about getting married to the same guy. In essence, the twins are the same individual with two distinct physical identities.

They had a man, but they appear to have broken up. The two had a rocky relationship, and if you're curious about what went wrong, you'll have to tune in to their reality program on Mzansi Magic.


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