How to stop witchcraft with charcoal.


That is why I have taken it upon myself to share all these tips with my fellow Ghanaians who are eager to set themselves free from these attacks. We do things unknowingly that attract demons and evil spirits into our lives and families. That is why it is advisable to have God in your life. I tell you if you believe in this man all the things and posts that I have made on chasing demons away in your life would work. But for some of us not all of them work. It's just a matter of finding the right remedy.

Simple to discover however dismissed plant. 

In tropical Africa, is a bush ordinarily found at banks of streams and lakes , in homes,backyards ,school compounds and so on 

This plant is referred to for its harsh taste because of the counter bacterial compound known as sesquiterpene lactose and because of this, numerous individuals don't connect themselves with its utilization. 

The name of this wonderful plant is vernonia amygdalina and is generally called severe leaf. 

Among Akans in Ghana it's prevalently known as Awonyono , ewuro or Onubgu among Nigerians ,Ndoleh in Cameroon , Oruwo in Benin ,Aluma among individuals of Togo and bololo in D.R Congo. 

This magnificent plant forestalls and fix the accompanying infections 

1.Insomnia: This is a basic condition which advances nonstop restlessness particularly during the evening. 

People with sleep deprivation think that its hard to rest regardless of how enthusiastically they attempt. 

Nonetheless ,contemplates have shown that unpleasant leaf remove is an astounding solution for people with Insomnia. 

Do you think that its hard to rest ? Get a modest bunch of new unpleasant leaf, wash with minimal salt and water, press to remove the juice and weaken with warm water. 

Drink a glass twice ,one morning and one evening to encounter awesome unwinding and rest. 

2.Stomach miracle: 

New severe leaf juice is viewed as a supernatural occurrence laborer for stomach issues, for example, stomach ache,diarrhea,constipation , gastrointestinal plot diseases and furthermore assists with detoxifying the body. 

For compelling outcomes , drink a glass double a day. 

3.Reduces and forestall malignant growth hazard: 

Malignant growth is considered as probably the deadliest infection on the planet which has no regard for character, position ,status in the general public. 

Sorts of malignancies incorporate however not restricted to , prostate disease ,colon malignancy , cellular breakdown in the lungs , cervical malignancy. 

Exploration has it that every one of the logical endorsed techniques for treating disease don't fix. 

This infers that anticipation is the surest way. 

Try not to stand by before it turns out to be past the point of no return. 

Make severe leaf part of your food and drink. 

4.Lowers hypertension : 

Hypertension is considered as a quiet executioner, the explanation is that it doesn't typically show indications. 

Unpleasant leaf has been demonstrated to adequately bring down sugar levels and control pulse because of the presence of andrographolide and potassium which assists with flushing out the gatherings of salt (sodium) from the body. 

5. Solution for Malaria : 

Intestinal sickness which is a parasite. instigated infection, is among the main sources of passings in sub Saharan Africa yet for the most part disregarded. 

Severe leaf juice contains seven steroid glucosides and four sesquiterpene lactose fit for executing intestinal sickness parasites. 

6.Protects Kidney : 

The concentrate from harsh leaf has been accounted for to ensure the kidney against weakness and harm by reestablishing it to typical and furthermore upgrade its working. 


Harsh leaf is utilized to deal with different sicknesses like jaundice ,diarrhea ,hack ,wounds , it upgrades richness, helps in feminine stream and furthermore supports the insusceptible framework. 

Ordinary admission of harsh leaf does a ton of good to the body. It shields crucial organs from harm.


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