Which is the Most Beautiful Stadium Between Emirates and Old Trafford?


Emirates Stadium and Old Trafford Stadium are one of the best stadiums in Europe. Emirates is the home stadium for London club Arsenal. Old Trafford is the home stadium for the Red devil's. Both of the two stadiums are beautiful but one is much better than the other.

Old Trafford has been the host for great players in football history like Ronaldo, Cantona, Giggs and Bobby Charlton. Emirates has host legends like Thierry Henry, Viera and Campell.

Old Trafford has more seating capacity than the Emirates Stadium. It has a seating capacity of 76,000 while Emirates has a capacity of 60,260. Old Trafford is the second largest stadium in United kingdom after Wembley Stadium.

The Emirates Stadium is divided into four stands namely; east stand, west stand, south stand and north stand. Below is the pictures of outside and inside the Emirates Stadium;

The outside of the stadium;

Inside the stadium;

Inside the dressing room;

Old Trafford Stadium has four stands namely; Sir Alex Ferguson stand ( North and East), Sir Bobby Charlton stand(south) and the West stand. Below are the beautiful pictures of Old Trafford inside and outside the stadium;

Outside the stadium;

Inside the stadium;

Inside the dressing room;

Which of the two stadiums do you think is more beautiful? Leave your comment below in the chat box.

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