My taste Buds Are Confused: Hilarious Mixture Of Food, Leaves Kenyans In Stitches


Classic FM radio presenter Maina Kageni has recently posted a hilarious food presentation which left many people talking on Social Media.

Posts about badly cooked food have been trending in recent months as the poor cooking skills of some Kenyans come to the light.

For Instance, the name Njeri has been used severally, to refer to women who make unforgettable mistakes when preparing food, such as using too much water to cook.

Simple meals such as soup with meat for Instance, have been reported to be prepared using too much water, during ceremonies in order to cater for low budgets, coupled with large number of guests.

In Maina Kageni's food unususual presentation, the plate contained traditional githeri meal comprising of beans and maize.

A small amount of spaghetti with greens on the side. Despite the meal being a balanced diet, Kenyans had a lot to say concerning why the contents had been prepared in the odd mixture.

"Forget Pilau Njeri, have you heard of Pastor Nganga?" Maina asked in his post. Here are some reactions from Kenyans.