USA, UK, Germany Make Final Decision On Putin

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, (Photo courtesy) The G7 group of nations has maintained that they will not allow Vladimir Putin to triumph as his troops continue to butcher the war-torn Ukrainian region.

Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, told reporters on Tuesday at the Baravia G7 meeting site that they would never allow embattled Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the fight.

For this reason, according to Scholz, the United States intends to keep up the pressure on Russia to stop the conflict by imposing sanctions that are both strong and harmful.

Emmanuel Macron of France, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and Joe Biden of the United States all attended the summit of the world's most developed economies.

After six months of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, this summit is considered a response by the West to deal with the problem.

The West has already pledged to continue its military and economic backing of a beleaguered Ukraine.

Even as the conflict in Ukraine continues to harm the global economy, food costs are rising.

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