South African Celebrities who are single parent

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There is nothing that you can really do when things change. The situation will force you at some point to not sit back but to act your role as being the best dad will be the only choice you are going to have. Here we have celebs who are men who have spent their whole life as single parent.It something that one cannot really cope with a specially if you are a celeb. It wonderful thing to see despite their Jobs they give their best to their children. We afford them the chance of being recognised as the best.

It’s always prevalent to find moms who have raised their kids alone we are actually used to that, however, it mostly difficult ,very hard as a man to perform such a task alone without the person to help you. its daunting but these fathers and superheroes did exceedingly well. These are celebrity men have decided to take full responsibility for their kids and have done a fantastic job! Here we give you the most five notable Mzansi celeb dads who raised their kids alone against all odds.

This what people always say being a man is a full time Job with alot of responsibilities. This is a proof that there is nothing that a man cannot do if a man set his mind ,heart and soul to it. This is totally Joyful to watch that we still have men who are responsible men who know that it not only about them but those who needs them the most.

Arthur Mafokate:

The Kwaito star is among those men who raised their kids alone and we are proud of him. He has four amazing kids and did an impressive Job raising them all alone.

Lucas Radebe:

One of the Iconic players to ever represented the country South Africa. Lucas Radebe is a proud single parent.He lost his wife who died of cancer in 2010 and never looked back for love and decided to raise his kids alone.

Menjanin Dube:

The Gospel star the man who have seemingly worked hard in his career is a proud dad who have raised his children without the help from a woman.He married twice and twice he had to divorce two times.


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