Meet the three pretty kumawood actresses with tattoos on their skin (photo)


Tattoos have always had a certain degree of popularity among various subcultures, but in recent years have become more "mainstream," along with other practices. People tattooing the skin have becoming common nowadays. Most especially celebrities.

Celebs are the ones with a lot of tattoos on their skin.

Though most celebs have their personal reasons for getting their bodies tattooed. Also due to the advance of medical technology, removal of a tattoo is now possible. So if people later regret about having their tattoo they can always go and get rid of it. It’s like an experiment, if they don’t like it later they can get rid of it. In the old days they would have to stick with it forever unless they peel their skin off.

In today's article, we shall look at three pretty female kumawood actresses who have beautiful tattoos on their body or skin.

1. Yaa Jackson

Yaa Jackson is a very beautiful and controversial actress. The young and beautiful actress has a nice tattoos on her skin. Yaa Jackson has appeared in over sixty kumawood movies.

The 20 years old kumawood actress loves to flaunt her tattoos on social media which is a clear indications that, actress cum Musician Yaa Jackson who is also known as Maame Yaa cherishes tattoos so much. Below is a photo of her tattoos on her skin.

2. Sandra Ababio.

Sandra Ababio is an indeed beauty goddess. The famous kumawood actress also fancy tattooing. She has been spotted on social media flaunting her beautiful tattoos. The pretty actress has featured in more than thirty kumawood movies. Take a look at her tattoos below.

3. Vivian Jill Lawrence

The veteran kumawood actress is one of the few beautiful kumawood actresses who have tattooed their skin.

The award winning and mother of two actress has a nice tattoo on her leg. Vivian Jill whose private or better still real name is Vivian Jill Lawrence on an interview said, she has regretted having tattoo on her leg. See her photos below

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