The Stages Of HIV/AIDs And What Happens To The Body At Each Stage.

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HIV is one of the chronic viruses that have injected fear among millions of people around the globe. Since the cure for this virus is not yet found, once infected you are considered dead even if you'll be taking ARVs. Some communities also considers HIV as a curse of which you'll be forced to cope with for the rest of your life.

Let's leave that to the old-aged communities and get back to science. Today I'll take you through the stages of HIV and what is to happen in each and every stage. 

The acute stage.

This is the first stage of the HIV Infection. During this stage, the virus trys it's best to take down the CD4 cells and multiply to take over the body. It's less likely to show noticeable symptoms at this point, though symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, rash, muscle pain and sore throat are the ones that might come up. 

The chronic stage.

This stage is when you can't see any signs or symptoms of the virus. But you can still transmitted the virus to other people because the virus is still active and detectable when tested. This particular stage is quite confusing because you can go up to 10 or 20 years without being aware that you have a serious Medical condition of which is HIV. 


At this stage you no longer have a concrete immune system because the virus have completely wiped out all of the body's framework, thus making it unable to fight back and defend the body from deteriorating. This is when a person is likely to encounter opportunistic Infections That even Medical treatment might not bring a change in the body. This is the stage that brings fear in the nerves of every HIV positive patient because this stage clearly resembles death. 

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