The Reason Why Mario Denied His Biological Parents.

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Everyone knows his unique goal celebrations poses. However, only a few consider Mario's childhood story. Mario was born on the 12th day of August 1990 at Palermo in Italy. He was the 2nd and 4 children of the union between his biological father.

The Italian national black ethnicity of Ghana's roots was diagnosed with a life-threatening intestine complication after a birth condition which his poor parents could not afford treatment and were left with no option than to offer him up for adoption when he was three years old.

As a result young Mario was raised by foster parents Silvia and Francisco since he was aged three years. He was permanently fostered by them due to the inability of his biological parents to cater to his need.

The reason for his parents offering him for adoption due to his health complication as a young boy of 3 years made him deny his biological parents. He also prefers playing for the Italian national team rather than Ghana's national team where his origin is.

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