Here is The Best Cure For Toothache


Toothaches can be very painful mostly when you don't know of the right drug to help cool it down. Sometimes most people prefer visiting a dentist to pull it out which should not be the case. You really don't have to remove your teeth when it hurts, there are perfect natural ways you can use to relieve the pain. Note that most of them are caused by dental caries(tooth decay) and sinusitis pain which is transfered to either a premolar or molar. Check out these best ways you can use;

1. Avovado Seed

All you have to do is to get a roasted avocado seed, grind it into powdery form and apply it to stop the pain.


It's one of the best too. Dry one piece of ginger in the sun for atleast 2 days, grind it into powdery form and mix it with salt. When the mixture is perfect, apply it directly and have the pain gone.

3. Cashew

Take a mixture of the bark and leaves of this plant and use it to wash your mouth. You don't have to swallow in the water.

4.Clove Flowers

This makes one of the best remedies. Just grind the clove flower into a paste form and mix it with salt. Put it directly where it hurts for around 5 to 7 minutes.

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