22 texts that will make your lover love you forever

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1. I realize I haven't messaged you in a couple of hours, since work has been incredibly occupied, however I need you to realize I haven't quit pondering you for one second.

2. I wish you were out with me and the folks. You need to come next time.

3. I disdain when you're not here. I disdain not having the option to reach over and snatch your hand.

4. I think my companions are irritated with me, since I haven't quit discussing you.

5. I just heard a tune that helps me to remember us. I will send it to you.

6. I disdain awakening without you. It doesn't feel right.


7. Work sucks, yet seeing you in a couple of hours will cause everything to feel worthwhile.

8. I disdain that you can't understand how stunning you are.

9. I realize we've been together for some time, however I actually can hardly imagine how I persuaded you to date me.

10. I feel like we have something that could last forever.

11. I have an unexpected hanging tight for you when you arrive. I trust you like it.

12. You made me alter my perspective on marriage. I can't envision my future without seeing you in it.

13. Regardless of how terrible my day was, you generally figure out how to make it better.

14. Are you coming over later or am I must go through the whole evening missing you?

15. You're the main individual I need to be with.

16. Since the time I met you, I truly love the individual I've become. You make me need to be better.

17. I can hardly wait until I get to return home to you consistently for the remainder of my life.


18. I wish I could carry you to work with me. Going through eight hours without you is torture.

19. It's difficult for me to focus, since I continue to contemplate how lovely you looked the other day.

20. I will take you out to supper around evening time. We'll go to your most loved place.

21. I had a fantasy we got hitched. I wish I didn't awaken so soon.

22. Each time I picture your face, I can't prevent myself from grinning.

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