Meet "Annie Mac" The World Renowned Female DJ


Dance music has no excuse for being a girl. Although female DJs don't usually get the recognition they deserve, but some still defied the odd and fly high in the jockey career. From presenter to a rising star! Meet Annie MacManus, the world famous female DJ.

Annie MacManus professionally known as Annie Mac is an Irish DJ and Radio Presenter. Mac was born in 18 July, 1978 in Dublin, Ireland, to a music-oriented family. She attended wesley college in Dublin before moving to Belfast, to further her education. Annie graduated at Queen's University, Belfast where she obtained degree in english literature.

It was during her stay in Northern Ireland that she was opportuned to attend a club, where she was introduced to music and turned to a lifelong passion. Annie Mac is undisputedly one of the greatest female artists in electronic music for a decade now. 

In 2009 she won the Best Female Award at the drum and bass awards for her exceptional contribution. The renowned DJ has long championed United Kingdom dance music and also a globe trotting DJ. 

The 42 years old Annie is happily married with two children. Annie is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 1, with her main programme, called Radio 1's Future Sounds. She also owned a night club dance-based show in UK. She is also a lover of football, supporting the North London side; Tottenham Hotspot. 

Hailing from Dublin, Annie MacManus is generally regarded as one of the greatest female Disk Jocker.