Lady Narrates How Her Best Friend Who Helped Her Plan Her Wedding Got Pregnant For Her Husband

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Things are really happening in this world, despicable things that humans do to one another. Most time people will rather keep to themselves instead of involving friends to personal matters.

Most people rather stay alone that keep friends, a friend is supposed to have back, lift you up when you are down but nowadays most friend will want to bring you down when they see you are growing better than them.

A story was shared by Cool FM Nigeria on Overnight Lounge with June Ubi, the story was also posted on Twitter by Cool FM and it has caused series of reactions.

It's a story of a young lady that whose name wasn't mentioned, she shared how her best friend who helped her in planning her wedding got pregnant for her husband to be.

Her best friend was having a secret affair with her fiance and the same best friend went ahead to advise her to take loan so her wedding will be big but eventually she is now have a loan debt and the wedding did not hold again.

This is the story below:

"She helped me to plan my wedding knowing very well that she is sleeping with my husband. On top of that she was pregnant with his child.

Mary Nambi you broke my heart. She even asked me to take a loan for my wedding to be big. But deep down she was eating my relationship piece by piece.

Today I am single and paying for a wedding that didn't work out. A loan that I was advised to take, a friend who was sleeping with my husband. A friend that I trusted with my life and a man I love broke me".

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