I met this famous Prophet in Heaven - Phllippa Kuranchie (Part II)


When in heaven, sister Phillipa realized that one of the inhabitants there had a smile that was brighter and nicer than any other person but Jesus, she asked Jesus why the man’s smile was so beautiful and captivating.

Jesus responded that, ‘when this man walked on earth, he wept a lot because of my work. Now, he has been rewarded with the most beautiful smile. This person is prophet Jeremiah, you can go to him.’

The lady was so happy and approached prophet Jeremiah because she really loved the sort of ministry he had on earth during his time.

In her words, she said ‘when I drew closer, I saw how great his crown was. Again, he smiled at me and said ‘my sister, come with me, let me take you into my mansion.’ When he referred to me as sister made me so happy and surprised because such a great prophet calling me sister was so breathtaking.’

So, Jeremiah, Jesus and Philippa went into the mansion. She narrated ‘wow, the room itself was Gold, everything in there was Golden. I saw a Golden table and a Golden chair.

On the table were heavenly fruits, grilled fish, bread and water. When we began to eat, I decided to ask the Prophet some questions. ‘

She asked him ‘so how were you able to stand and preach God’s word when the people were so disobedient and persecuted you often?

Then Prophet Jeremiah answered ‘first and foremost, I feared the judgement of god. Secondly, I knew the wisdom of God was more important than mine and anybody’s judgment.’

He continued ‘because of this, even though the messages god gave to me were hard and strong, I knew I had to bring them out. Finally, it was not my strength I used to withstand those persecutions; it was the grace of god that took me through.’

Then the three of them entered another room in the same mansion. There, Prophet Jeremiah took out a certain Sword that was so sharp, beautiful, Mighty and shiny.

Then he said ‘this is the sword I held onto when I was on earth. Due to the beauty of this sword, the world had not yet seen anything like that so they became envious and wished to destroy it out of envy.'

He continued ‘this Sword Is the Word of God that I held onto when I was on earth, and for this reason, I was Persecuted. He also gave additional messages to be given to the saints but that will be continued in my next article. Please click on + Follow above if you want more of my articles.

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