Curry the greatest shooter of all time?


Steph Curry just showed again last night that he is undoubtedly the best shooter of the basketball ever to play in the NBA. In a ferocious match up against Jason Tatum's boston celtics team on the 17th of April, he scored 11 three pointers, with an 11-19 ratio from 3 point Land.

The sharp shooter also has displayed his point making ability by scoring 30+ points I'm his last 10 games. Although Curry's Golden State Warriors team couldn't win the game as they lost 114-119, Curry scored an amazing 47 points. Jason Tatum scored 44 points in the match up. Curry now has 2,745 three pointers made, a stone throw from Hall of Famer Ray Allen's 2,973. Can curry break the records this season? That will be up to him.

As the shooting guard of the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson battles with injury, Steph Curry, the only unanimous MVP, has had to step up to lead his team. He has been displaying impeccable shooting and scoring this season, making him one of the most prolific leading point guards in the league.


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