Prayer: Father, Please Help Me To Use Everything You Have Given Unto Me To Serve You Diligently

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"Take an offering to the Lord from among you: whoever has a willing heart, bring it, an offering to the Lord; gold, silver, and brass". Exodus 35:5

Read: Exodus 25:1-9

Man was given two fundamental traits by God: he was created in His likeness and he was made lord over the universe. As demonstrated in Genesis 2:19, God prepared man to be a junior partner with Him by granting him the authority to name all creatures. "And the Lord God created every beast of the field and every fowl of the air out of the ground, and brought them before Adam to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name."

The Scripture above plainly demonstrates that God has entrusted man with the job of monitoring His creation since the beginning of time. In Jesus' name, I pray that you will begin to live according to God's expectations of you. The Lord commanded Moses to take offerings from the children of Israel for the Tabernacle's construction in today's Bible reading. God continues to make demands on us, His children by faith, in order to complete His tasks. It is up to us to respond in accordance with the abilities God has given us.

Another lesson we may draw from the children of Israel's journey is that all God required of them had previously been provided for by God. When the Israelites were leaving Egypt, the Egyptians gave them so much wealth that the Bible claims the Israelites spoilt them. "And the children of Israel did according to Moses' word; and they borrowed of the Egyptians silver jewels, gold jewels, and raiment: And the Lord gave the people favor in the eyes of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required," Exodus 12:35-36 says. They spoilt the Egyptians as well."

Whatever blessings we have, including our intellectual, bodily, and spiritual capacities, are primarily for Kingdom initiatives. Queen Esther was chosen by the King because of her compelling beauty and wisdom, and she eventually became the mouthpiece of her people, the Jews, for salvation from Haman's hatred.

Determine which areas of God's work require immediate attention, and then move forth and meet those requirements. In Jesus' name, God bless you as you do so.

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