Take a look at hot photos of the Gospel singer, Babeth Lando that are causing stir on the media


We live in a society that seeks that its religious people lives in a certain lifestyle that best suits the norms of that particular religion. Religious people in some communities are believed to dress in a certain way to show their ways of worships or beliefs. But to some people being in a religion does not necessarily mean you doing what does not make you happy. According to them, religion is a belief of a person and not the way you dress or present yourself because religion is set to make us happy and not do the opposite. In today's post, we are going to introduce you to one of the Instagram stars who is also known to be singing gospel.

Babeth Lando is a Congolese actress, singer, social media influencer, model and personal trainer. She moved to France when she was five years old and got introduced into the church choir by her mother and continued singing as a gospel artist until she was fifteen.

She got deeper into the gospel music genre and eventually formed a music group, Black Rose with her cousins. She joined a professional choir, Gospel's 100 Voices and Gospellissimo around 2001.

Currently, she has Instagram followers of more than 927K and has been flaunting with her followers lovely and gorgeous photos of her. See here some of her photos below.

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