Kenya Commercial Bank KCB Warns Its Customers


Kenya commercial bank famously known as KCB, has sent a notice of warning to its customers nationwide.

The giant bank which operates across the country with thousands of Kenyans banking with it had to show concern to its members.

As a sign of caring they have warned the members against fraudsters who are used to be conning them.

They said that " watu wa tuma pesa kwa hii number tumewatambua sana. Guys if you get tufjnny messages and calls that your account will be suspended that's not us.

They further went ahead to give out their contact details for one to confirm for validity of any message or call sent to them.

"Tafadhali report them ASAP and contact customer care through, +254732 1870009 or send SMS to 22522".

This warning was met with replies which show how people have real been harassed and later conned by those conmen.

People decided to use this warning and share their problems here. Some had gone ahead to advertise kcb mpesa loans. Before you were given a loan you were supposed to unlock it with some cash.

The bank replied and denied that they were not involved in sending such texts.

They required members to always avoid disposing such important information to people.

Nobody should text or call you and claim to be from kcb. Kenya commercial bank has its official phone call numbers which are in the post.

Citizens be keen and stop those messages. Your pin your secret.

We hope the culprits will be arrested soon and tried in the court of law.