A Young Famous Prophet Revealed A Concoction For The Recent Flu That Is Attacking People

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A Young prophet called RhadebeLihle has been trying to save people but mostly they say that it is conspiracy theories. There are conspiracy theory that sometimes people need to consider. Not everything in this world is conspiracy theory some they are truth. People are condemned to a point that they cannot see the truth. People who are creating this know that even if someone tells the people the truth they will not believe it. Some of the conspiracy theories are facts and they do happen. Before people can judge someone they should first look at all the facts. How can people believe the government but they cannot believe someone who is showing them the light.

South African we are blind and we cannot see the truth hence we are being taken advantage. They know that we will always believe in them. There are so many prophet in this country but they cannot share what they see because , they will be judged. Some people can see what is going on in this world. We all believe in God and at this time we need people who are powerful to help us in this situation.

It is about time we believe in our forefathers and stop believing in white people. There are people who can help us beat this but we undermine them. At the beginning we thought that this whole Coronavirus will be over but is will never be over. There is this flu that is attacking people and it is painful.

RhadebeLihle wrote on Twitter and said many people have worms that is why their immune system is weak. They need to detox. The should drink fresh fruit juice and vegetables juice. They should also use salt water and lemon water. Some people will listen but there are those who always want to be against the truth. Some will say that he is making people to become scared but they are not scared of how the government is doing things.


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