Benefits of Eating a Donkey Meat


Donkey meat can be considered a good alternative in red meat consumption, being a dietary meat. Donkey meat is in fact characterized by low fat, low cholesterol content, a favourable fatty acid profile and is rich in iron.

Donkey meat has become popular as locals believe it can cure respiratory and breathing problems and increase the sex drive of those who eat it.

Donkey meat is a rich source of protein and it contains the highest amount of protein when compared to mutton, pork, beef and chicken. Also the meat derived from donkey provides the body with essential and non- essential amino acids.

These proteins help in proper growth and functioning of the body. The iron,calcium and phosphorus content of donkey meat is also very high.

In northern China, donkey meat is a prized protein—and it's often served in burger form. They're served late, and there's even a beloved saying: “In heaven, there is dragon meat, but on earth, there is donkey meat.” In terms of taste, the meat is surprisingly mild and not very gamey.

The world's donkeys are facing a population crisis because of the huge demand for their skins in China, where they are used to make health foods and traditional medicine.

There are over 1.8 million donkeys in Kenya and around three-quarters are working animals used in transport and farming, playing a key role in Kenya's agricultural economy.

Brooke East Africa, a donkey advocacy group, estimates that at least 1,000 donkeys are slaughtered each day in Kenya.

The value of an adult donkey more than quadrupled in Kenya after their meat was legalised for human consumption in 2012, according to the Africa Network for Animal Welfare.