Zari Hassan Kisses South African Female Celebrity Leaving People Around Amazed [Video]

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Zarinah Hassan is a Ugandan South African based rich business lady who became famous after dating Diamond Platinumz. She is known for living her life and having fun without minding what people would say.

She loves partying and hanging out with friends because according to her life is too short to focus on thinking about your problems and being sad.

In a video that she posted on YouTube, Zari is seen having fun with South African female celebrity identified as Pearl Thusi, she is an actress, model and presenter.

As the two ladies were having drinks, they started talking and whispering in each other's ears then suddenly kissed each other on the lips without minding the camera.

The people who were around them were definitely amazed because it is not normal for people of the same gender to do such a thing.

However, Zari has been in several scandals so she is definitely used to trolls. She does some things intentionally to attract attention and get people talking.

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