Don't Politicize President Donald Trump's Coronavirus Infection- Bishop T.D.Jakes

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Bishop T.D.Jakes has called on Americans not to politicize President Donald Trump and Melanin Trump's Coronavirus infection.

According to him, Americans need to be more humane towards each other adding that compassion has nothing to do with politics.

He has rather noted that compassion has everything to do with being a Christian and a human being

 Bishop T.D.Jakes who has asked Americans to join him in praying for the First Family of America, has also indicated that Americans should take the opportunity to pray for the millions of people suffering during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The comments from Bishop T.D.Jakes comes in the wake of confirmed news that President Donald Trump and his wife have been infected with Coronavirus.

Currently Donald Trump has been admitted at the hospital for treatment and it is hoped that in two weeks , he would be fine.

Just watch out for more updates via and other news so far s the Presidential debate in US is concerned.

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