OPINION | Leo Messi and Neymar's friendship is coming to an end because of this:

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Leo Messi played last night as a RWB/CDM/CM/CAM/LW and a RW.

Messi 🆚 Club Brugge:

- 1 shot on the crossbar

- 1 create a real chance to score

- 3 key opportunities

- 1 shot on goal

- 2 shots outside the goal

- 2 successful dribble

- 84 touches

After the coaches' decision Messi was substituted. It was a very bad mistake made by the management, and Messi was not happy about the substitution. Remember, Messi is still trying so hard to get to adapt with PSG's players and giving him less time in the pitch would minimize his adaptation.

Today, Messi says he believes Naymer is behind the choice of his substitution. Because the Coach and Naymer were discussing prior yesterday's match. And it is clear that Naymer doesn't show any concern of the decision taken by the coach yesterday. This is a clear sign that Naymer want to shine alone at PSG and he is trying all he can to make Messi experience hard times until he decide to leave.

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