Iranian President, Rouhani state reasons why Israel wishes to assassinate all their nuclear experts

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International games are unscrupulous and often do everything. In addition to using iron and blood, they also use various tricks to achieve their own goals. Assassination has proved to be a common and standard operation that can trigger war. According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on December 14, Iranian President Rouhani stated in a speech that the reason why Israel wanted to assassinate the famous nuclear expert Fahrizad was to destabilize the Middle East and "provoke war." Rouhani claimed that those who tried to provoke a war in the last few days of Trump's tenure were "behind the scenes" who assassinated Fahrizad.

Because of this, Rouhani announced that Iran will not retaliate immediately. This will only fall into a war trap set by Israel, and Tehran will retaliate against Fahrizad’s death at a “appropriate” time. Fahrizad is the founder and head of the Research Center of Iran’s Ministry of Defense, the “soul figure” of Iran’s nuclear program, and is considered by the outside world to be Iran’s future “father of the atomic bomb”. At an internal working meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu personally named Fahrizad and asked the Israeli military and intelligence agencies present to "remember this name."

On the 27th of last month, Fahrizad was attacked by unidentified militants on the outskirts of Tehran. His convoy was ambushed by a roadside bomb and was forced to stop. A heavy machine gun controlled by a satellite was mounted on him. Fahrizad was killed by a frantic burst of fire from his car. Israeli security and intelligence analyst Yossi Melman once pointed out that Fahrizad was “extremely cautious, very suspicious, and elusive” and “always was able to detect conspiracies that attempted to assassinate him”, but in technical equipment and on-site With the help of agents, Mossad "found a loophole" in the security measures.

Obviously, the death of Fahrizad is another major blow to the Iranian government following the killing of the commander of the "Quds Brigade" known as the "Middle East Spy King". The Iranian nuclear program is inevitable. The land was hit hard. Therefore, when the news of Fahrizad’s death came out, Iran vowed to revenge, but Tehran soon began to "recover sanity." According to a report on "Al Jazeera’s" network on December 9, the possibility of retaliation by Tehran "disappeared quickly in a few days" soon after Fahrizad was killed, and was replaced by a "calm" decision.

Iran discovered that this is likely to be a conspiracy designed by the United States or Trump and Israel. According to reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu has the right to give Mossad an order to assassinate Iranian nuclear experts, and before issuing an order, It is "probably" that he has conspired with US President Trump. Not only Trump himself, but also his security advisers and military assistants “must have known beforehand” of this secret Israeli decision. They anticipated that Iran might attack US military bases in the Gulf in order to retaliate. The US military in the Middle East made advance preparations for this.

According to the analysis of the report, "this may be the situation that Israel wants to see", that is, Iran retaliates against the United States and its allies, "thus leaving Trump with no choice" and "only to declare war on Iran." However, as Israeli security and intelligence analyst Melman said, if this is the plan of the United States (Trump) and Israel, then the Tehran regime has realized that "this is a conspiracy set up by the United States and Israel", "and therefore decided Don't fall into the trap that the two dug." Judging from the report of ITAR on the 14th, Tehran has indeed seen through the conspiracy of the United States and Israel to drag Iran into war.

That's why President Rouhani said that he would not retaliate immediately and would punish the "black people behind the scenes" at "appropriate" time. Although the Israeli war conspiracy did not succeed, Netanyahu did not intend to stop there. According to a report on the Middle East Al-Arabiya website on December 14, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for the establishment of a global "unification" specifically aimed at Iran. "The Front", he said in a meeting with U.S. security adviser O'Brien that under President Trump’s leadership, "U.S.-Israel cooperation has reached a new height," and "we have made clear progress in defeating common threats."

Netanyahu viciously stated that “as long as Iran continues to call for the destruction of Israel”, “as long as it continues to fund terrorist organizations”, “as long as it continues to fight for nuclear weapons and the means to launch nuclear weapons”, Israel will not give up, “we must Form a united front to counter (Iran) threats to world peace". Netanyahu warned that if Iran cannot be stopped before it achieves a technological breakthrough, “then tomorrow it will have a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe and the United States” and Iran will become a “global thug” and “constitutes threat for everyone.

Just as the top Israeli leader vowed to fight Iran with all his strength, the US military in the Middle East has entered a state of high combat readiness, and a large number of B-52 strategic bombers have also arrived in the Middle East. It cannot be ruled out that after tempting Iran to initiate the war and fail, the United States and Israel simply clarified the possibility of a direct war. Trump will send a big gift to Israel and leave the mess to Biden. Iran may face the most dangerous situation. At all times, the trees really want to be quiet but the wind keeps going, and the mountains and rain want to come and wind all over the building.

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