Governor Lists Criteria For Nigerian's Next President

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Governor Aminu Tambuwal, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum, has stated that Nigeria requires a leader with a global perspective rather than a regional politician.

He also stated that the leader must be incorruptible, and that the greatest method to combat corruption is by personal example and the establishment of strong institutions capable of withstanding shocks and manipulations.

Tambuwal, the governor of Sokoto State, claimed this in a statement headed, ‘2023 election: The leader Nigeria needs, by Tambuwal,' which his Media Office made accessible to journalists in Abuja on Monday.

He explained that there was no magic wand for reducing insecurity other than deploying relevant tools of good governance, proper technology, necessary military and police equipment, well-trained and properly compensated manpower, and lowering tensions in the country through the enthronement of a government that serves all, not just a section or group.

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Tambuwal also stated that Nigeria needed a leader who was "wise enough to understand the imperatives of rebuilding our security and governance structures."

"Finding such a leader is a collective effort, and I challenge you all today to seek and support such a leader in 2023, so that Nigeria can begin the long journey back to peace, security, and prosperity for all of her citizens.


"Nigeria requires a flexible leader with friends and associates across the country. Not a narrow and regional politician, but a leader with a broad viewpoint.

"We require an incorruptible leader who recognizes that the greatest approach to combating corruption is by personal example as well as the establishment of robust institutions capable of withstanding shocks and manipulations.

"Does Nigeria require a leader who is aware of the modern technological demands for tackling societal problems?"

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