8 Unsafe Clothing Items Parents Shouldn’t Buy

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Long scarfA kid’s scarf that’s often innocent at first glance, can bear a potential threat for a small child because a long scarf can easily get caught on one of the play structures on a playground or other constructions that are meant for playing. It’s very difficult to release oneself in this instance without help from an adult. Some countries even ban putting on a scarf on a kid when attending preschools or kindergartens.

Clothes with decorative buttons, sequins, and beadsEvery kids’ clothes shouldn’t have a bunch of decorative elements because curious children can tear them off, put them in their nose, ear, or mouth and swallow them because these details are so appealing and shiny. Regular buttons also hide a certain danger for kids. Those buttons sewn in a manufacturing factory don’t always hold up well, so it’s always advisable to double-check how well they are sewn after each purchase.

Turtlenecks with a neck that is too narrowA turtleneck is a universal and practical thing but it has its disadvantages too. It’s not comfortable to put it on: the head can hardly move through the neck, which is usually irritating. As a result, you might end up with an annoyed kid as well as annoyed parents. Moreover, a narrow neck can cause headaches due to blood circulatory disorders and irritation due to close contact with the delicate skin around the neck, especially with low-quality synthetics.

Heavy “trendy” footwear or footwear with flat solesRemember that stylish and bright shoes can turn out to be heavy and uncomfortable. Irresponsible manufacturers always prioritize the appearance of their products and ignore the anatomical needs of a child’s foot. It’s uncomfortable to run and play in heavy sneakers with a massive sole. This will cause the kid to get tired quickly. Converse and other canvas shoes on rubber soles are also in a risky group. Due to the absence of a heel and instep support, the likelihood of developing flat feet increases by several times

Jackets with voluminous hoods and thick furYou need to know that voluminous hoods make it difficult to see objects around and can become the cause of a tragedy. A kid simply can’t assess their environment in these hoods, which is extremely dangerous, especially on the road, railways, or dark corners. Besides that, just like a scarf, a hood can easily snag on something on a kids’ playground.

“Adult” clothesDespite the fact that these clothes look stylish and showy, kids are absolutely uncomfortable when wearing them. Clothes that are too tight or too oversized, make it more difficult for kids to move, and also prevents them from running and jumping to the fullest.

Clothes that have a huge label on the insideIf your kids throw a tantrum every time they see the same T-shirt or blouse or if they feel nervous and behave strangely while wearing it, parents should inspect this item better. Actually, the reason is not in the kid’s bad mood and not in the quality of the fabric, but in the brand label or in the label with information on how to take care of it. Oftentimes, the sizes of these elements are disproportionally huge, their material is hard, and their corners are too rough.

Tight hatsIt is better to purchase hats and any other headwear strictly in accordance with a kid’s size. A hat that is too big can cause discomfort because it slips down and obstructs the kid’s view. A hat that is too tight can dig into delicate skin, leaving marks on the forehead which can cause headaches. A tight hat made of synthetics will make the kid’s head sweat, which will result in itching and irritation.

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