25 Funny Pictures And Jokes For Fun

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I went to buy a funny net that I will used in protecting myself from mosquitoes, the price of the funny mosquito net is expensive, so I decided to pay leave the market because the reason I want to buy the mosquito net is to protect myself from mosquitoes not snakes or vampires.

One of my friend who was known as a weed addict back when we were in school told me has quit smoking weed, but yesterday he Ironed five of my packet shirt, but when he was finished with ironing the shirt he realized he didn't turn on the socket where he plugged the iron.

In Chinese movies if they are fighting with blades the sound the blade will produce will sound like "shun" the sound produced by the blade from Chinese movies is the name given to people in Africa. 

If you are good in solving problems in Mathematics, if you don't work hard in life and make money you will suffer from poverty, solving almighty formula in mathematics will not save you

African men can make two women happy, but African women will make seven men happy and the wallet of the seven men will suffer from anger.

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