Unbelievably Cheap Cures For Common Ailments


Human bodies are prone to periodic uncomfortable experiences in form of pain at various parts for various reasons both explainable or not.

Regardless of our status ,location or physical well-being, these seem like our constant lifetime companions,however minor.A headache,an injury,an itch,a flu... name them,are part of being human.

There are some who choose to tackle such ailing with varying degrees of seriousness and some who simply ignore them as passing clouds.

We all, however don't mind using a few side-effect-free substances often found cheaply at our disposal because,let's face it,no one wants to experience ongoing pain that can't tell you when it will stop.Here are some of the solutions:

(a). Hiccups-eat sugar

It may just be that a solution to these annoying occurrence is the sweet substance.Although temporary,swallowing it stops hiccups by friction stimulation of the pharynx.Other solutions to this are drinking ice water,gargling on water and/or anything that stimulate the upper part of the throat.

(b). Headaches-Tea/coffee/chocolate

Taking tea or caffeine beverages reduces chronic headaches.Caffeine contain vasoconstriction properties which cause blood vessels to reduce in size and lower the blood pressure in the head hence reducing headaches

(c). Nausea- ginger

Time and again,it has been proven that ginger intake works against vomiting by increasing gastric movement which speeds up downward movement of food and hence little possibility of upsurge.

(d). Flu-Natural Honey

This is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that fights bacteria and viruses hence relieve coughing.A spoonful in a glass of warm water and few squeezes of lemon does the trick.The challenge nowadays is counterfeit honey that when used is ineffective.

Other natural solutions include garlic for flu,water for chocking, aloe vera for wounds and inflammation,among others.

Its very comforting to know that just as there are various pain-causing agents so are there many more readily available and affordable means and substances as solutions to many of them.

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