A Young Man Got Possessed By Unknown Spirits After Her Girlfriend Turned Into A Goat In Their Room.


Enjoyment No Go Kill Person.

A Young man is said to have met a beautiful lady at a market square and later on took her home to quench his sexual desire but an unfortunate thing happened in their room.

Joel Namasaka, is a gardener from Mayuge village,Kenya gave detailed comprehension of the ordeal to K24TV from Genesis to revelation.

“I met this well endowed lady at Soi market when I was going back to where I work as shamba boy and talked about love,” Namasaka recounted as quoted by Lindaikejisblog.com.

According to the possessed and mentally illed man, he was moved by the beauty of this strange woman and asked her out. He narrated how things went into strange ways when they reached his house which is in his boss’ compound.

“She agreed to be my girlfriend, so I requested her to accompany me to my residence, and she agreed.

“Everything was okay until when we entered my bedroom. The lady suddenly turned into a big goat with long horns made of the bottles of soda that we had just enjoyed ourselves with.

Namasaka got scared and had to run out of the room for his dear life but however things in his life after that encounter hasn't been the same. He has apparently lost his senses and portrays a lunatic behavior some time he beats people when he sees them and also eating uncontrollably.

Peter Wawire his dad stated that when his son sees a woman, he takes of his clothes especially his trousers and beating anyone he sees.

“I was surprised when I saw my son brought home by a bodaboda rider all the way from Kakamega. After some minutes upon his arrival, the boy's behavior changed and he started behaving like he's been possessed by an evil spirit.

“He started burning his clothes, beating people, removing his trousers whenever he sees a woman and he is now eating uncontrollably. We had no choice than to lock him indoors” Mr. Wawire is quoted as saying.

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