Uzalo: The battle to become KKC's new pastor heats up. Scheming Mbatha vs good guy pastor Gwala

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Will KwaMhashu Kingdom Church (KKC) be given back to the people? If yes, then who is going to lead the congregation? 

Nkunzi has previously spoken about the lack of vision and unity amongst the congregants. They all have different missions. 

Nkunzi is already under pressure to let the church he secretly bought serve the people.


Mr Mbatha (William Mnguni) is one of the longest-serving members of KwaMashu Kingdom Church (KKC) and he is competing against Pastor Gwala (Menzi Biyela), the energetic young man of God vying to win the heart of KKC. 

Mbatha has always had his heart set on being the leader of KKC, and there’s nothing he won’t do to get that. “Mbatha dreams to be like US televangelist Creflo Dollar, travelling in private jets with lots of money, power and fame,” says William.

“He dreams of being called Apostle or Archbishop, or even to be likened to the Pope.” And he’s going to start by convincing church owner Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) to anoint him as pastor of KKC.

Nkunzi knows all about Mbatha's greed. But who is he going to hand over the reins to?

Source: TVSA

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