" I don't blame him" check out why this picture caused a stir on social media

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The total of your facial smears, or your makeup, is what makes you who you are. You might say that the genes from both of your parents are present in you. Alternately, you could use cosmetic makeup to emphasize those physical characteristics.

The makeup you apply to your face can be used to partially mask your true identity. Your makeup is every personality trait that, when combined, makes you a unique person. This type of cosmetics, commonly known as makeup, includes items like foundation, mascara, and lipstick. Since Queen Victoria deemed makeup disgusting and only suitable for theatrical players in the 1880s, this definition of makeup has been in use.

But there are those who are not good at all at doing their make up, even though they try they are just not good, like this lady below who you could see that her makeup is a mess and the guy with her couldn't help but to laugh.


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