Slik Talk severely bashes Kelly Khumalo’s ‘poor motherly skills’ [watch]

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Slik Talk severely bashes Kelly Khumalo’s ‘poor motherly skills’ [watch]Yesterday, South African artist Kelly Khumalo and her ex-boyfriend Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye were among the most talked-about people on Twitter for the most of the day, according to a report. As a result of the suspected possession of marijuana in his school bag by their son, Christian Khumalo, the family has been denied access to their kid's education.

In response to the situation, several social media users – notably notorious YouTuber Slik Talk – have expressed their opinions.

Slik Talk, a South African content developer, has released another contentious video, this time aimed at 37-year-old singer Kelly Khumalo, who is the subject of the video.

This comes after Musa Khawula, an entertainment and gossip blogger, said that her 12-year-old son Christian was banned from school after allegedly stealing marijuana from her suspected partner Mthokozisi Yende and bringing it into school grounds.

Christian's difficulties, according to Slik Talk, are the product of his mother's ineffective parenting techniques. Slik Talk took to YouTube on May 9th, this year, to express his displeasure with Kelly, who has essentially been parenting the kid without the assistance of his father, TV celebrity Jub Jub, since the boy's birth.

"Kelly Khumalo has to be one of the most poisonous persons in South Africa, if not the most toxic in the world." She is a disease that spreads over the world, destroying everything in her path. She is, at the very least, a poisonous person. She had been married to a businessman who died, then she had a relationship with Jub Jub, who went to prison, and then she had a relationship with Senzo, who was shot. As though a terrible cloud is following this lady around," he remarks.

He then goes on to challenge her ability as a mother for allowing her kid to take marijuana from her. He also claims that she is a source of contention for everyone in her vicinity.

"What type of mother do you think you are? How is it possible that your child, who is so young, is already being expelled for stealing from your lover? "I don't understand why your partner is using pot at his age," he explains.

Mzansi expresses their viewpoints:

@mahlodi joy had something to say:

"However, what does Kelly's previous relationships have to do with her current relationship??? It's normal for children to misbehave as they grow older, and it has nothing to do with a mother's parenting abilities, please understand."

@khani hlahla shared his thoughts on Twitter:

In my opinion, he is behaving too perfect. Almost all of us had problems while we were growing up, and some did worse than others. He is only a child, and he will learn from this.

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