Bad News to DP William Ruto And His Allies As The President Considers his Boda remark incitement

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The deputy president william Samoei Ruto is eyeing to succeed his boss. His presidential bid, has been facing a lot challenges. This was after Azimio la Umoja was endorsed. The twenty four parties, that signed the coalition agreement with the ODM, are now politicizing against him. This has reduced the probability of the deputy president forming the next Government.

The deputy president has been criticizing the activities of Uhuru since, he supported the former prime minister. The former prime minister is the presidential candidate for Azimio la Umoja. Ruto has been condemning the Boda boda act, where Uhuru instructed crack down on Boda boda after few riders abused a lady.

According to a post shared by Nation on Twitter, Uhuru Kenyatta instructs his deputy to keep off the issue of boda boda. the Most of the Mt Kenya leaders are supporting the deputy president William Ruto.

The post has raised reactions. Some of them supporting the president while other are criticizing him. Below are some of the comments.

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