A Man Still Fuels My Car And Book My Flights; Stop Dating Men Who Can't Take Care Of You - Blessing

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A therapist and relationship adviser have advised women to leave any man who doesn't take care of them and give them money. She claimed it's a man's duty to provide for his woman and make sure she lacks nothing. She insisted that any man who cannot provide for his wife should avoid women and work twice as hard.

Instead of being exploited and receiving nothing in return, women need to be married to men who will take care of them. Clearly, it is the obligation of men to ensure that their families have adequate living conditions.

She advises women to realize that men who don't give them what they want are giving it to someone else who will abuse it. She claims that he still fuels her car, books her trips, and buys her airtime.

The Blessing CEO went on to offer an example of how difficult it is for individuals to wear rags in their homes. She also cautioned women against becoming involved with "small boys," or males who aren't mature enough to take on adult responsibilities.

Many believe that Blessing's CEO's actions should not instill a sense of complacency in women who are in romantic relationships or married. They can also help a man who doesn't have anything to offer financially. Is it a man's duty to take good care of his woman?

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