SSA-UoG meeting with the minister for Employment and Labour Relations ended inconclusively.


Universities senior staff in Ghana who constituted majority group in the university's staff system met Labour Relations minister for dialogue, and the meeting was inconclusive.

SSA-UoG has embark industrial strike action since last month demanding for non basic allowance, market premium and pension tier 2 arrears. The association failed to call off their strike action due to government incessant failure to fulfill its promises any time they go on strike action on the same matter.

At the meeting yesterday June 1 2021, the following were outlined;

1. That Government has a precedent formula for the computations of interest on tier 2 outstanding pension arrears which the ministry of Finance will soon make available to the association for perusal and comments.

2. Because SSA-UoG failed to call off the strike after the last engagement with Government, it therefore, Technical meant in negotiations Principle, that all the agreement, commitments and interventions made on the part of government have been canceled, and therefore, fresh agreements will have to be initiated again.

3. Government is disappointed in the association for its refusal to call off the strike to pave way for the negotiations to take place in line with law.

4. That Fair wages and Salaries Commission will write officially to the association for a fresh meeting for the negotiations on conditions of service by June 9, 2021.

The SSA-UOG Was represented by National Chairman, Mohammed Zakaria (a.k.a Buhilana), Chairman Sandy of UCC, Chairman George of KNUST,Chairman Soosu of UG, Chairman Isaac of UEW and Chairman Nii of UHAS.

The leadership of the association confirmed that, the industrial strike action won't call off until government show interest and zeal in addressing their sensible demands.

In a interview with some students in the University for Development studies, Tamale campus, they appeal to government to address this issue amicably, because some of them have registration issues and have nobody to attend to them due to the strike.