Form 1 Students Are Going To Start Double Truck Systems Of Education Again


Dear reader, In this article am going to announce to you the new decision Ghana Education Service has taken on all form one students.

Free Senior High School(Free SHS) policy which was established by the NPP government in the year 2017 has brought a lot of changes in Ghana education system as compared to years ago. Today every JHS graduate has the right to go to Senior High School free of charge, because of that over 85% of JHS graduates continue their education every year because of that the class rooms and the boarding facilities are not able to accommodate all the students.

The government decided to divide the students into two and labeled them as Green and Gold track students, where one track will go for three months while other track will be staying at home, so when they vacate then they also go for three months and that was in the year 2018 to 2029. But in 2020, the government again decided to cancel the double track system and make it single track, so all JHS graduates of 2020 started the single track system. But Ghana education Service has realized that, the schools are still facing problems when it comes to classrooms and boarding facilities, so they have decided that after the first semester of the Form 1 students who are still in school are going be divided into two tracks where this one they are going to divide them according to the courses, meaning students are not going to be select randomly but rather by the course he or she is offering.

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