You bought that thing for R12 000 and then you leave it outside at night people react to this post

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Because of the opinions of people who don't know what they're talking about, it's best to keep your plans under wraps and not tell anyone what you're up to. Not at all.

In order to start and grow a firm, you will need to invest money. A lot of folks don't get this concept. If you don't spend your money, you won't be able to earn any. Many successful business owners detest ostentatious design because they learnt early on that saving money is the key to earning money, which means spending money in your company to make it profitable.

For a social media effort to generate funds for the purchase of brick-making equipment, Zimbabwean Dr. MuVendo has vowed to create employment.

Due to generous gifts from PI Phakathi and others, he was able to purchase the R12 000 brick-making machine. As a result, the equipment was only recently purchased. Finally, he confessed to having checked his computer's status around 4 in the morning

A number of people claimed that he had bought the item for R12 000 and intended to leave in the backyard, but they ended up dragging him away from it.

Despite the fact that some social media users are downright rude, no one protested to the guy asking for donations. After he took the donation and opted to do what he wanted to do, others are trying to make him feel horrible about himself. Even though he invested R12 000 for the equipment, he is convinced that it will pay him in the long term. That's why he's asking for money from the general people to buy it (s).

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