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Unless you were born as of recently, there's no denying in the fact that this beautiful lady celin Dion gave us a mind refreshing and heartwarming songs back in the 190's and early 2000. A beautiful talented woman, one of pops most influential voices, the deifecation of morden female pop Star.

Personally, I address her as a "Goddess" her voice and song pattern sweeps me off my feet, she possesses a three-octave range from B2 to E16, her music has been influenced by numerous genre including Pop, Rock, Gospel, R&B and souls and her lyrics focuses on teams of spirituality, poverty, world hunger and emphasis on love and Romance.

Notable songs of her's that touched and inspired many people are as follows, The power Of Love, A New Day Has Come, Think Twice, Heart Will Go On, Goodbye Is The Saddest Word, Its All Coming Back To Me Now, I'm Your Angel, All The Way. She also realeased Alot of songs in French version.

Beautiful talented celin Dion was born on March 1968 into a large family from charlemagne, Quebec. She is from Canada and has 13 sibillings, she fell in love with her manager, Rene Angelil(Who is now late) in 1993 and the both got married in 1994, They are blessed with three male child.

The renowned powerful, technically skilled vocalist has no doubt buillt alot of reputation as long as music is concerned and achieved Alot as well.

Her live performance on the Las Vegas strip with A "New Day Has Come" still remains the highest grossing resident concert of all time

She is also the best selling cannadian artist and one of the best selling artist of all time with record sales of 200 million copies worldwide.

It's been a long ride and the powerful vocal singer is still doing fine. After winning several grammy awards and breaking numerous industry records, she now has a Les Vegas residency at ceasers palace.

She kick started a courage world tour on September 19th, however it was put on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak and set to restart from 2021.

lying Down, Imperfection and courage are some of her recently released music precisely in 2019, she also did an acoustic version of imperfections in 2020. She might be getting older now but that hasn't affected her talent a bit, many might be possibly Wondering of she still sings, the answer is yes. Our magical Celin has changed Alot over the Years, "Old yet still Gold" that's the word.

After a meticulous research i have compiled some beautiful recent pictures of Celin Dion

Her Recent pictures can be seen below:

She still looks beautiful despite old age kicking in, how well do you love celin Dion?

How well do you vibe to her songs, care to share any situation that was Changed in your life through her songs or hor much she has inspired you?

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